Low Email diet

Email eating up most of your time? Get some smart solutions to deal with emailing bad habits at Process Prodigy » Blog Archive » Workus Interruptus

Following Bible literally for one year

This blog of Tim Ferriss interviews AJ Jacobs, about his one year of accordance to Biblical living. Ferriss asks good questions and gets detailed, insightful answers at » What Happens When an Agnostic Follows the Bible Literally for One Year?

Why not change the world today?

Like Tim Ferriss questions in his Karmic capitalist blog ” Should I wait until I am rich to give back?”, this blog also asks if changing the world should wait for some day. Answers at » What’s wrong with TODAY? Money.Power.Wisdom: Which Do YOU Want?

4hww invariably makes it onto fav lists

The 4hww invariably makes it onto everyones favourite reading list. Yet another listing is at
LinkedIn HFCN Group: Favorite Business Books Readers List

$1 million in thirty days

Want to attend a BIP party in San Francisco? There are more benefits to joining LitLiberation, Tim Ferriss’s endeavor to gather $ 1 million in 30 days to fund small school projects across the world. Go to Tim Ferriss’s site to contribute. See prizes at Win Lunch at YouTube for Helping Fight Illiteracy

40 hour work week questioned

Some interesting information on the origins of 40 hour work weeks and insights on why or we not should we adher to it are at Four Hour Work Week for IT Workers « Tech IT Easy

4hww inspires a better lifestyle

The author works from home and after 4hww is full of ideas, hopes drawn from the book. He has bettered his workday and enjoys time with family. Read about it all at Small Business Reviews

Leverage as the base

When you apply the laws of leverage to life, it’s the creation of a new lifestyle design, one which allows for travel, independent living, a great lifestyle and income muse that supports this all. Check out more such thoughts at Leverage: Fancy Business Word or Staple of Life? « The LifeStyle Maverick: beta

LitLiberation and its prospects

Through LitLiberation, Tim ferriss hopes to gather $ 1 million in 4 weeks to fund small school projects. If you also want to be part of this project, go to Influential Marketing Blog: Can LitLiberation Raise $1 Million For Public Schools in 4 Weeks? and start funding.

Tim Ferriss says this on going broke

Need to know how to come to terms with the risk of losing all your money? Go to Better Rates. Together. » Blog Archive » What Tim Ferriss has to say about going broke

While you are striving for web perfection, heed this…

Anything that you do on the internet, do consider the points mentioned at Striving for Web Site Perfection, When Good is Good Enough : Web Usability Marketing by Eugene Loj

What does Tim Ferriss says about going broke?

What does Tim Ferriss says about going broke? If you are curious to know, then follow » What Tim Ferriss has to say about going broke

E for Elimination

This blog stems from the thought that you are what you talk. By eliminating vague and stressful words, reconstruct your thinking is possible. Read about it at Business and Marketing Practices for your MLM – MarketingCT – Quit Murdering Your Potential With Words! — A Quickbite

muse math – interesting read

One could pick up an idea or two at » Muse Math : online business prediction 101 » My 4 hour work week. The author doesn’t live in the US and intends to form an LLC with drop-shippers. Using the guidelines in 4hwww, the author has projected his financial calculation here. Useful if you are going on similar lines.

Parkinsons law discussed wrp 4hww

Limit tasks to the important to shorten work time – parkinsons law to improve perfromance is well elaborated with respective to 4hww at Shine With Grace: Understand The Parkinson’s Law To Improve Efficiency

4hww as a one in all remedy

geek girl is trying out 4hww to find ways to work less, pay bills and correct the ever increasing computer-related health problems at Four hour work week : geekgirl

Goals that are bigger than mediocrity

Tim Ferriss advocates setting higher goals and not settle for mediocrity. More on these lines at Make Money Online Blog › Don’t Let Good Enough Be Good Enough

Is 4hww for you?

4hww endorsers are all over the place. This blog asks you if the concepts suit you. Read in detail at
» Four Hour Work Week – Is It For You?

Uncommon time savers

top five uncommon time savers are listed here by Tim Ferriss at » The Top 5 Uncommon Timesavers for Bloggers/Writers (Plus: Video of Me Kissing a Hairy “Coo???)

If ‘retirement’ did not exist??

Truly, if the concept of retirement did not exist, we wouldn’t put away all those much desired things for later. More provoking thought available at John Roney » The 4-Hour Work Week