Kane Miller – SocialAdr.com – 4 Hour Work Week Interview

The 4 Hour Work Week book has influenced thousands of people to create better lives. One of the ways that people who want to create better lives come together is via in persons meetings.

By facilitating these meetings and growing based on the common experience we all become better people. Join us for our group and attend our virtual meeting and conference calls.

San Diego Four Hour Work Week Meetup Group. We have multiple methods of connecting to remote member – those who are living the dream.

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Tim Ferriss’s travel pack on display here

want to know whats in Tim Ferriss’s celebrated travel pack? Check out What’s in Your Pack, Timothy Ferriss? – Gadling

Leverage as the base

When you apply the laws of leverage to life, it’s the creation of a new lifestyle design, one which allows for travel, independent living, a great lifestyle and income muse that supports this all. Check out more such thoughts at Leverage: Fancy Business Word or Staple of Life? « The LifeStyle Maverick: beta

Just a few ways to use a Virtual Assistant

* Proof read your documents before you send them to clients
* Plan your business lunches, give them access to your calendar and have them coordinate your networking.
* Answer incoming phone calls
* Write and send a newsletter to your clients
* Check voice mail and transcribe to email
* Follow up on direct mailing for marketing purposes.
* Ordering Thank You gifts
* Get directions to meetings
* Confirm / or make hotel reservations
* If you need a brochure created, give them the task
* Powerpoint presentations need to be spiced up a bit?
* Monthly reports to customers.
* Let your VA teach you how to use Word, Excel or Outlook more effectively.
* Having a conference call, record it and have your VA transcribe and send it to the participants.
* Updates to your website
* Website promotion and directory submissions

Living the preaching of the 4 Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss is living what he is always preaching at Uwe’s blog: Is being connected soooo 2007?

An Interview with Timothy Ferriss – Ajaxworld Magazine

A nice long interview with Tim Ferriss at Interview: Timothy Ferriss, Bestselling Author of The 4-Hour Workweek @ AjaxWorld Magazine

Is Timmothy Ferriss Lying?

Is the 4hww possible for all? Is Tim really practicing what he preaches? For more on these lines, check out this comment on http://www.emaildays.com.

Learn Language by Deconstructing

Planning on a mini-retirement? If it is not in your home country, you will certainly need to learn the native language. And Tim Ferriss’s approach to deconstructing language is a good one. Look at this blog Omniglot Deconstructing languages

Culling Information Overload

No on can take advantage of you without your permission. Very apt if you have been complaining about information overload. More at Information Overload on educationbusinessblog.com.

New York Times and Timmothy Ferriss

A detailed 2 page article appears in theNew York Times about the 4 Hour Work Week

Selective Ignorance

On selective ignorance to unclutter life and more in a good video at BlogWrite for CEOs: Tim Ferriss, author of the best-selling The 4-Hour Workweek, on “cultivating selective ignorance,” the futility of “results by volume”

Batch Processing

A good review on batch processing at Business Services, ETC – A Virtual Assistance Company Which Gives Business Owners Freedom by Managing the BS, etc.

Social Media fuels Literacy Fund Drive

The power of social media is becoming obvious. Litliberation is being successfully fuelled by social media activity. One such site is B.L. Ochman’s weblog: Internet marketing strategy, social media trends, news and commentary.: Lit Literacy Aims to Use Social Media to Raise $1 Million in 4 Weeks

4hww listed as a self help book :-)

This blog lists 17 self help books with 4hww included. The others too are good. Change your thoughts to change your life

4HWW is full of Promise

For everyone who wants to live indoors, still have regular meals, travel the world even but still be at work, Karen Burns, Working Girl » Work Only Four Hours A Week has a good blog to offer

Personal Outsourcing for a Better Lifestyle

Personal outsourcing is a definitely a winner says PAs for the rest of us.

4 Hour Work Week Book Review – 2ndhome Blog

The 4hww is a must read for everyone who has crossed or is approaching retirement says Book Review: The 4-Hour Workweek | Vacation Homes & Investment Properties | 2ndhome Blog

Streamlining customers?

Got any doubts/ queries related to streamlining your customers? Consult The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: Enterprise

4hww does influence even before actually reading it

Never has a book had more of an effect on me prior to reading it says Review of the Four Hour Work Week < Don Loper

Time = attention

Time management is directly related to attention management says dmiessler.com | A Time Management Nugget from Tim Ferriss