Dan Kennedy Information Marketing

Just got off of conference call with Dan Kennedy where he discussed his A to Z marketing strategy and his info summit.  Just like most info marketers he gave some real information, held back some of the finer points and then introduced his product.

For those of you who missed the call here is the Dan Kennedy formula for creating a successful info product.

ap + ql + mf + rr + ci + wn = Big $

Seems simple right?

Well this is what it meansQuality Product + Quality Lead + Marketing Funnel + Risk Reversal + Continuity Income + Whats Next = Big $

Quality Product – This one speaks for itself, don’t try to make money online with a substandard product.  Make sure you have integrity and that your product is of the highest possible standard.

Quality Lead – There are people out there willing to buy a quality product, you just have to know what niche you are filling and advertise directly to them.

Marketing Funnel – Have some sort of automated system that directly markets to you people on your lists. This is something that you should setup the pipeline and let the software take over the dripping to your prospects.

Risk Reversal – Remove risk completely from the transaction. Give money back guarantees, the benefits will far outweigh the costs of returns.  You will get more people who buy because of your guarantee than those who will return the product.  Make this promise, IRON CLAD.

Continuity Income – Something, like a membership site, a paid newsletter – that keeps the customer paying month after month for the information that they are recieving from you.  (THIS IS A BIGGIE)

Whats Next – Keep the prospects fully informed about what else they can buy from you, what else they can expect.

BIG $ – If you have to ask, you don’t need to know.