Linkedin – Apply with Linkedin Button

The apply with Linkedin Button has been released which allows businesses to accept job applications from users via their Linkedin profiles. The small button is just a peek at the way that I think Linkedin is going to leverage their business network database to benefit their user base. The service is available here –

If you have ever searched for a job you will understand the beauty and elegance of this simple button – rather than filling out possibly hundreds of job applications, sending resumes via email and trying to fit yourself into the employers mold – applicants can now apply at the click of a button.

Sure, I can see the downside – when applying for a job becomes to easy, just a click of a button perhaps the quality of the applicants go down. But from the other perspective, you get access to a host of information about the applicant that you would not have had ordinarily.

Hiring managers no longer need to sift though countless resumes, trying to establish authenticity and suitability for the position, here the information and the personal profile of the user AS WELL AS their connections are displayed.

We all know that getting a job is as much about what you know, as it is WHO you know – and now Linkedin is allowing us to get recommendations, or endorsements from people that you may already be connected to at a company.

Think about it, you may have interacted with multiple people at a certain company over the years, and if you kept up to date with your social and business networking, you can leverage those links into finding the ideal job. And for employers, they can connect with existing employees to determine the fit or possible conflicts prior to the interview stage.

If you are a job seeker or have aspirations of finding a job in the future, start to round out your social media profiles as a way of providing the best picture of who you are in real life.

Time to start asking for endorsements or recommendations from people that you have worked with in the past; Be they clients, customers or coworkers.