Initial Meeting Confirmation Email

    Whenever we set an appointment with our client over the phone, it is a good idea to follow up your conversation with an email outlining your objectives. The folks at The Whetstone Group, sales training San Diego have created this template to ensure that the message is clear and your goals and purpose are outlined.


    Thank you for your time on the phone today.

    To confirm, we are meeting on (day of week), (day) at (time) for (minutes).

    The purpose of the meeting it (state concisely the purpose of the meeting).

    I would like to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. (   )
  2. (   )
  3. (   )
    I understand that also attending the meeting from your company will be (name and title). Accompanying me will be (name and title).

    At the end of the meeting we should have exchanged enough information to be able to determine if it makes sense for us to continue our dialogue, and, if so, to decide what are next step should be. If it is apparent that there is not a fit, we can close the file.

    If these objectives are not consistent with your expectations, please let me know.

    I look forward to seeing you on (date and time)

This simple format for writing a followup email for a meeting will go along way in establishing trust and credibility with your clients.