Utterguys.com Poor Customer Service

Utterguys.com you are at the top of my list today – Customer service is just so critical.  I just got off the phone with Jason over at the UtterGuys.com – Its about 1pm on Saturday in Florida. I placed an order with them on 7/9 – 9 days ago for a Shop Fox D2058 base for my new router. I have the confirmation email but no item. So I logged into their website last night to check the status, I was expecting 4-5 days for shipping and when I logged at http://www.utterguys.com the system had no order history.

Minor mix-up no problems… I called and after giving Jason my customer number he hummed and hawwed and said he would call me right back. About 10 minutes later he did, and he said “Sir I need you to check your spam folder or inbox because we sent you two emails and then canceled your order because it was not in stock at utterguys.com”

I explained to him that I did not get an email and that nothing was in my spam box but the order did have my phone number and I wanted to know if they called? He said we did not call just canceled the order. I explained to him that I was waiting for my new tool until the base came in because at 600 pounds I did not want to pick it up twice! He said that it would be back in stock in 2-3 weeks and I then asked if they would then ship it out to me, but this time express rather than ground.

This is when things turned bad… told me that this was not something that they did, and that this was not there issue – yes I do have an invoice and yes my credit card was valid but no they would not be shipping it to me, because as far as they were concerned I would have to reorder it.

After a few moments of back and forth, realizing that it was a Saturday and that he was the only one in the shop at utterguys.com that perhaps it was wise to just wait and have a manager call me back on Monday. He agreed, but insisted that this was just the way that it was and that no one else would be able to help me…

No problem, he gave me the info I needed and then I looked at the invoice again – it listed the part number as D2058 and D2246 so I did what I should have done a week ago – I went to Amazon to see if they had it in stock.

utterguys.com price for the D2058 – $109.95 / Amazon $79.95
utterguys.com price for the D2246 – $34.00 / Amazon same price but Free Amazon.com shipping

The total order from Utterguys.com was $158.95 including shipping and Amazing Amazon – $127.65

Let this be a lesson you can charge more for a product if you deliver on your promise when the order gets placed, but if you screw people around they are going to do a little more research, save money and tell the world just how lousy it was to shop at your store.

A happy customer tells one person about their experience, an unhappy customer tells hundreds. Utterguys.com need to invest in training and customer care to compete in the e-commerce world.

A motto from some amazing sales training experts – If you don’t train them, you can’t blame them.