Amazing Customer Service –

So about a month ago I ordered a King size memory foam mattress from Costco. I had gone online and read all of the reviews, the overall consensus was that it was the most amazing sleep ever.

The bed was shipped in a box weighing about 150 pounds and after I lugged it up the stairs, the excitement began. The opening of the box and the removal of the mattress is one of the most incredible processes that I have seen.

You cut through a sealed bag and air just wooshes into the bag and the bed starts to expand towards it full size. I let the bed expand for about 96 hours before touching it and other than a hump in the center the bed expanded completely without any inflation issues with the corners. I installed the mattress on a new eastern king size platform. Moving this 150 pounds by yourself is not recommended, but I was able to muscle it into place.

After buying a new set of sheets, I was ready for my first nights sleep on the bed. Climbing onto the mattress was really, I mean REALLY comfortable and it did not take me any time to get used to it. The first nights sleep and honestly every subsequent sleep was unbelievable.

So if the sleep was amazing, why did you return the bed? Honestly thats a touchy subject so I have embedded a Youtube video.

Memory Foam SexSex on a Foam Mattress

So now that you know sex on a memory foam mattress sucks. If you are in any way athletic or like changing it up the imprints that mold support your body for sleep, screw you up for sex. I liken it to playing tennis on a grass or clay court when you are used to playing on a standard court. Its not better or worse, its still tennis but it is not really played the same way. There would be a huge learning curve and I was just not willing to take the time.

I have read that a number of people are cool with memory foam mattress sex, but I am not one of them. I like a little more support and bounce. Just personal preference.

Sooooooo, I thought that it was going to be a problem to return the mattress – one because it is not “new” and that it weights 150 or so pounds. I know that it came in a small box but once it was inflated, there is just no way for me to get this to my local Costco.

I called the 800 number for Costco – was on hold for about 10 minutes and then I spoke to a customer care rep who processed my return. Seriously, it took longer no more than three minutes for him to process my return. Good customer care really needs to be recognized.

Today I received and email from Tina Casey at Sleep Innovations about their Memory Foam Mattress Return. I was a little concerned about what happens to the mattress; I know that it can not be sold again for hygiene issues. There are people who can really use a therapeutic mattress even if it has been installed somewhere before.

Here is the entire email that I got from

Thank you for your recent purchase of a Sleep Innovations product sold

I am sorry that you were not satisfied with the purchase of this item
and respect your request to return this item at this time.

The following return options are available:

1.) Bring the mattress back to any Costco warehouse for a full
and complete refund including shipping and handling.

2.) Donate the mattress to a Charity of your choice and simply
fax the donation documentation to me. My Fax number is 732.263.0***.

Note: Most local Charities will come and pick up the
mattress if you make an appointment with them.

We ask that your documentation contain the following information

Name of the Charity

Your name

Description of Donated item (ex- King Mattress)

3.) We notify our Carrier Trucking Company, Home Direct, and they
will contact you to schedule an appointment to pick up this mattress.

If you choose to donate this mattress, upon our receipt of the donation
documentation, we will notify Costco and they will issue you a complete
refund to the credit card that you used when placing the online order.

If you choose to have our Trucking Company do the pick up: Upon
confirmation of pick up, we will notify Costco and they will issue you a
complete refund.

This is impressive, they know that it costs them more to take it back than for them to have it donated to charity. I am actually amazed how progressive and responsive they are to my issue. I am actually a little sad to be sending it back because of their incredible service.

Companies could really learn from this!

Sleep Innovations thank you for being so progressive.