Day 7: Antalya

We know what early to bed early to rise makes us? But how about late to bed early to rise? What exactly does that create? Today was a travel day from the Kona region near the middle of the country to the Mediterranean beach city of Antalya. The trip took about three hours by bus and we crossed from being in an arid mildly hilly, but mostly Iowa flat landscape into a completely different world. As we inched closer more and more trees, and bushes became visible to the point that seeing a palm tree was not an uncommon sight.

I don’t know if you have spend much time in a bus but once you get settled it is really a relaxing experience. I am listening to an interesting audio book, it is called the “Four Hour Work Week??? it is the unabridged text of the book by the same name. It has been hailed as the study guide for those wanting to live like a millionaire it is almost the quick start guides for the technology centric version of Rich Dad. I am about two hours into the book and he has begun to define his cash flow forecasting techniques and he has reiterated his definition of the traits of this nomadic, goal setting generation.

One thing about being in a foreign country is that you have a whole world of possibility. You can take the easy road and just sit in the stands or you can really get in there and experience the culture by getting out and being on the court. Playing, experiencing and “being???. I believe that today is Tuesday but I am trying out one of the techniques in the book – it is the separation from technology for a week and a low information diet. One of the beliefs is that there is no need to be as connected as one thinks. If there is world changing news that you need to know, just get yourself out there and ask. Use the reading that other people have done to catch up on your news. They read it so let them tell you about it. And don’t work for the sake of filling the 9-5 workweek. Work will expand to fit the time allotted and the quality and the caliber will not be as good as if you had created deadlines.

(I think that I am tired, and am not really ready to go full out this morning.) I am off for a few hours of cruising and swimming on the Med. I will update in a bit.