Skyriver’s Backhaul Upgrade

Working at one of the largest Broadband Wireless providers in California is exciting. What is even more exciting at times is seeing your hard work and efforts made public after years of execution.

We have just announced the completion of a huge, I mean really MASSIVE back haul upgrade to the network. I know that in a press release you can only say so much but this is a BIG deal, not just for a company of our size but for any of the competition. This is a leap-frog upgrade that takes Skyriver to the forefront in the space.

Here is the release:

Skyriver Communications Completes Major Upgrade of Backbone Network Infrastructure

SAN DIEGO, June 7 /PRNewswire/ — Skyriver Communications
( has successfully completed its high capacity
backhaul upgrade in anticipation of its planned WiMAX rollout.

Through a strategic alliance with a world-class telecommunications
equipment manufacturer Skyriver has upgraded its backbone network utilizing
High Capacity licensed microwave backhaul. This upgrade will allow Skyriver’s
business customers to have on demand access to a High Capacity network with
greater than ever reliability and Quality of Service. President and CEO,
Saeed Khorami answers the question of what this means to Skyriver’s existing
and future customers, “Our customers have come to expect a certain level of
enterprise performance and this latest achievement ensures that we will
continue to deliver on our promise of reliable enterprise-grade service while
leading the way in WiMAX deployment.” Khorami also expresses his excitement
over this new technology as it “puts Skyriver in a great position to offer
fixed WiMAX across its expansive network footprint in California.”

Ron D’Alleva, Skyriver’s Principle Network Architect, goes a step further
explaining, “We have not only increased capacity across our backbone network,
but we have also interconnected all of our sites with full redundancy ring
architecture. This upgrade lays the foundation for a robust and scalable
delivery platform for our WiMAX and High Capacity Internet connectivity

This has been the highest priority project for the Skyriver engineering
team and the resulting performance and reliability has truly exceeded the
Company’s expectations. Brad Slavin, Skyriver’s VP of Engineering stated,
“Our emergence as the source for High Capacity enterprise connectivity hinged
on these massive network upgrades, which were completed on-time and under
budget. We have always focused on exceeding industry standards in our
engineering and operational approach. This accomplishment further strengthens
our position as a leader in the fixed WiMAX space.”

Skyriver has deployed almost two-dozen High Capacity licensed backhaul
links in Los Angeles, San Diego and Riverside Counties to craft a fully
redundant licensed backhaul architecture that is built to perform with 99.999%
uptime. This upgrade more than doubles previous capacity and brings Skyriver
one-step closer to releasing WiMAX throughout its entire coverage area.
Detailed information about Skyriver’s deployment methodology can be found at