Big Bear Trip

The last few weeks have been a little stressful, so I needed a little break. A great friend of mine Aaron said that he had a house at the lake and it was time to open up the cabin for the summer. The goal was to clean up all of the winter items and get ready for the summer fun. This meant putting the boat in the water, doing a little cleaning of the refrigerator and just making sure that things were in tip top shape.

We left San Diego at about 2pm on Friday and headed up the 15, we were expecting the trip to take about two and a half hours but with all of the construction traffic I was a grueling three hours and forty-five minutes in the car. When finally made it up the mountain we saw some posted signs by the marina that it would be open for Summer April 1st. No big deal today is the 30th we could just put it in the water tomorrow… Right, them we remembered that 30 days have September, April, June and November all the rest have 31… Ouch.. That’2 two days away and we did not have that much time. Was the weekend going to be wasted?

Not at ALL! Aaron really knows that mountain and he was able to secure us a launch at a different slip and we were going to take this boat out tomorrow. All that we needed to do now was charge the battery and to startup the engine in the driveway – no big deal. We were able to trickle charge the battery all night long and on the first time the engine started – we were on our way.

Aaron hitched up the trailer and we were off to the launch. We put the boat into the water, tried to turn it on and it did not start at all. Dead battery, were able to borrow a battery charger but still no dice. Finally there was a Park Ranger who was on his day off who had an industrial grade charger; we hooked that up and the boat roared to life.

We spend a few hours on the lake, darting around to all of the hidden spots and locations that are local hangouts. It was interesting to be on a speedboat, on the lake when there was still snow on the ground. Must be global warming.

We took the boat out of the water, hightailed it back to the house and started to clean it. Aaron is a clean freak. I am really, really he loves everything just so I have never waxed a boat before but he is a great teacher. He has all the tools, all the attachments and all the cleaning paraphernalia that you could ever want. It took about two and a half hours to get the boat washed, waxed and prepped. Three hours on the water, two hours cleaning, it is true what they say about the two best days of a boat owners life. The day you buy it and the day you sell it.

That evening we went to a local hangout had some ribs and a whiskey and came home and just watched TV. We woke up pretty early on Sunday just to get the last bit of cleanup completed and it was time to head off the mountain. The drive down was breathtaking, the views are just spectacular I just love the mountains.