Flying High – Life is About Possibilities

My life has been amazing of late, I am going through some really horrible personal issues but that aside – life is beautiful and I am open to the possibilities of absolutely anything. And with this new possibility and sharing myself with people you would be amazed at the results.

My last few weeks have been charmed to say the least. I have written about Kart racing at K1 Speed and this was a great event, I went to the Google main campus and was treated fantastically well and my good fortune just seems to be continuing.

My great friend and confidant Troy who just sold his business invited me for a spin in his new plane. For a split second I was thinking about crashing and how that would really suck and realized that it as the old me and the new me that knows that anything is possible and that possibilities are endless decided that the experience would be worth dying for. So I drove about an hour north of San Diego to Temecula and I was pumped for the experience. It had been a while since I had seen Troy and it was going to be a great chance to catch up. When I got there Troy was just pulling up in his new BMW M6 in black and he lead me around a few corners to his hangar.

He hit the garage door opener, the hanger door opened and inside was this polished and pristine new plane. Wow, this was going to be fun. We pulled the plane out for the garage (literally pulled it, you would be amazed at how easy it was to move) and after a few quick checks and some new oil we were ready to go.

First thing i noticed was a sign that said “EXPERIMENTAL” on the inside door…Holy cow what did I just get myself into and just how long has he been flying? Well it turns out that he has been flying for years and has even build his own plane before, not this one but one exactly like it and that experimental just means an aircraft that has not been fully proven in flight. Great. Who is the beneficiary of my policy?

After standing on the wing for a few seconds on the black marked area I opened the door and climbed in. Troy handed me a set of active noise canceling headphones and the drone of the engine just disappeared, remind me to use these things during my next argument – amazing. They must have cut the volume to less than a fifth of what it was, there was almost no engine noise.

We took off from an unmanned airstrip and announced our departure to “traffic” and we hurdled down the runway and vaulted into one of the most graceful takeoffs that I have ever experienced. Like Superman we were up, up and away and I have to tell you that with every hundred feet that we climbed I felt younger and younger. By the time we were at seven thousand feet I felt better that I have in a very very long time. It was transformational. Troy if I did not thank you enough, I am thanking you again.

I can speak about chasing clouds, or learning about the instruments but really it was all about freedom and no matter what course my life is taking it was great just to be free. You can really feel the will of G-d when you are up there, you just feel like a kite being moved around by the wind and having to handle the little bumps that life throws at you – you have to make little course corrections but as long as you have your eyes on the big picture…you eventually make it to your destination.

We were up for a few hours and I have not come down yet. I am really really happy right now because life like a small plane is just a vehicle to get you to your destination and the destination can be anything or anywhere you choose.