Google Maps for Mobile Updated with GPS

I use a TomTom 700 GPS unit in my car because my Ford Explorer did not come equipped. I would never consider owning a car without GPS now that I have experienced the pleasure of driving with it. One of my favorite things is discovering new places to eat, I just punch in the food that I am looking for and the area of town, it takes me on a little drive and Bang! a new experience.

As you know I have the Blackberry 8800 and the latest version of Google Maps Mobile (1.5.1) has GPS support. All you need to do it press “0??? and the satellites quickly pinpoint your location within a few feet with a glowing blue dot. You can use it to get direction by choosing your current location as either the starting or the ending point and with fully updated satellite images from Google Maps this application is absolutely amazing.

Google has also announced that it will be providing traffic details for 30 major metropolitan areas so you will be able to see the traffic as an overlay to your directions. I am confident that they will soon be routing traffic based on traffic so that your phone will become a full featured navigator.

Visit Google Maps Mobile from your phone’s browser to download.